Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2016

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2016 23 Laser Welding Solutions Cover Range of Applications LaserStar offers a variety of laser welding systems designed for a range of metal-joining, complex-assembly, automation and repair applications for both small workshops and large industrial manufacturers. Common industry applications include spot welding, seam welding, mold repair welding, micro-welding, medical device components, battery welding, computer com- ponents, aerospace and electronics, and automotive and micro-components. LaserStar Technologies Corp. / 401-438-1500 / Micro-TIG Welder Developed for Mold and Die Repair The Puk Power U4 precision welder from Gesswein was specifically de- veloped for mold and die repairs. Using micro-TIG technology, the welder produces small, consistent spot welds that penetrate the mold surface. According to the company, the resulting welded areas are strong enough to withstand the pressures and working conditions of the molding process. All heat is concentrated at the spot of the weld, thereby eliminating the possibility of distortion and metal stress caused by overheating. Preprogrammed for most tool and die repairs, the welder is mobile and can be used directly at the press site, where the base attaches directly to the mold. Gesswein & Co. / 203-366-5400 / Heavy-Duty, Gas-Fired Furnace Used for Heat Treating Grieve's No. 1042 is a 2,000°F (1,093°C) gas-fired, heavy-duty furnace currently used for heat treating. The oven features 750,000 Btu/hr. installed in four modu- lating natural gas burners with a floor-mounted combustion air blower. Burners fire below the hearth, with 9"-thick insulated walls comprised of 5" of 2,300°F ceramic fiber and 4" of 1,900°F block insulation, and 8 1 / 2 " floor insulation made from 4 1 / 2 " of 2,300°F firebrick and 4" of 1,900°F block insulation. Workspace di- mensions are 30" × 60" × 30". The furnace has two lanes of roller rails supported by firebrick piers and an air-operated platform with roller rails to bridge from the loading table to the workspace. Features include a 1 / 4 " plate-steel exterior reinforced with structural steel, 1 / 2 " steel faceplate at the doorway and an air-operated vertical lift door. Also on board are a digital indicating temperature controller and a manual-reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors. The Grieve Corp. / 847-546-8225 /

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