Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2016

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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P R O D U C T S 22 Mold Maintenance & Repair EN Coating Protects Tooling from Wear Bales Metal Surface Solutions' Diamond EN electroless nickel coating incorporates diamond particles into the electroless nickel for increased durability, protecting tooling from wear. The coating plates as a nickel product, which means it is able to provide even coverage into deep ribs or narrow details without buildup on the edges. The addition of the diamond particles results in a Rockwell hardness of 70 after post-bake, so it can withstand abrasive materials, the company says. Bales Metal Surface Solutions / 630-852-4665 / Metal Protection Cuts Cleaning Time, Boosts Machine Efficiency IMS Co. is a North American distributor of Autosol metal and mold care products, which are designed to reduce cleaning time, protect a variety of metals and allow machine cycles to run more efficiently for longer. The pastes and polishes can be rubbed on the metallic surface with a cloth and then buffed off to leave a gleaming finish, free of plastic buildup, dirt and oxidation. According to the company, this quickens the routine maintenance of all parts in the molding process while leaving behind shine and protection. Products in the line include Autosol Metal Polish; Aluminum Polish; ammonia-free Liquid Metal Polish for brass and copper alloys; and Super-Fine Metal Polish or Chrome-Plated Plastic Finish for molds that need specialized treatments. IMS Co.: Industrial Molding Supplies / 440-543-1615 / Simplified Multimeter Speeds Hot Half Testing DME's MoldXChecker is designed test the hot half of a mold faster and more reliably than the traditional method of multimeter testing, which requires touching each terminal. This can be cumbersome and time-con- suming, and can lead to human error resulting in downtime for repairs, the company says. The MoldXChecker, on the other hand, is said to be simple to use and quickly detects open circuits, short to ground, and overall heater and thermocouple health within the mold. It can be used before the mold is fitted to the press as a preventive maintenance tool or as troubleshooting tool while the mold is in the press. The portable, simplified multimeter device measures 8" × 8" × 4" and weighs just 7 lbs. It is powered by two 9-volt batteries and comes with DME-standard connectors, although it can be customized to any industrial connectors. DME / 248-398-6000 / Powder Nozzle Enables Fast Modification of Molds O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH has developed an automated powder nozzle for existing laser welding systems that enables use of direct metal deposition (DMD) instead of manual laser cladding for modifying and re- pairing injection molds and dies. Unlike conventional laser cladding, which usually requires a welder to feed filler wire almost entirely by hand, the automated DMD nozzle coaxi- ally feeds metal powder into the laser beam and onto an existing surface. It can be used on three-dimensional surfaces and lends itself to a range of uses, including enhancing surfaces; modifying shapes; and restoring dam- aged forming, punching and injection molding tools and dies. The nozzle is available as an add-on for existing AM-capable laser cladding systems and can be programmed with the Orlas Suite CAD/CAM software. O.R. Lasertechnology / 847-593-5711 /

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