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OCT 2016

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2016 21 Protective Wrap Prevents Metal Corrosion Boride Engineered Abrasives' MetalRustGuard was developed to prevent rust and corrosion on any type of metal. It comes in the form of a protective wrap that is self-adhesive, easy to apply, re-usable and requires minimal cleanup after removal. The rust and corrosion inhibitor provides short- and long-term protection for shipping and/or storing of metal tools and components, and is available in a roll form in sizes ranging from 4.5" to 36" that can be easily cut to the shape of a tool to provide the appropriate coverage for nearly any application. Boride Engineered Abrasives / 231-929-2121 / Limited Edition Spotting Presses Celebrate Celebrate Builder's 60 Years Builder's Celebrate Builder's 60 Years 60 Celebrate Builder's 60 Years Years Celebrate Builder's 60 Years In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Millutensil has released a "Limited Edition" external design for all spotting press models, featuring a clean composi- tion, next-generation touch-panel and ethereal LED lighting. The Limited Edition of the BV Series (for small to medium-sized molds) was unveiled at the EMO Expo last year and of the MIL Series (for medium to large-size molds) in April. The company also has released a built-in, five-position rotational table that enables mold builders to test and adjust multi-component molds safe- ly and easily, saving time and money. Millutensil / 39-02-29404390 / Drier Rust Preventatives Don't Cause Bleed-Through Available from PCS Co. are The Defender, a semi-dry, all-purpose rust pre- ventative, and Mold Guard Green, a dry rust preventative, both of which are tinted green for visibility when applied to a mold. In addition to protecting molds, the dry formulas mean that neither product will run or bleed grease into the molding area. They also can be molded over without having to clean the mold first and will not bleed through. PCS Co. / 586-294-7780 / Ultrasonic Cleaner Accommodates Larger Castings The OMG4430, Omegasonics' largest standard ultrasonic cleaning unit, is well-suited for cleaning and maintaining larger castings to ensure un- interrupted production. With a bath size of 40" × 30" × 30", it can handle injection molds that have become contaminated with grease, hydraulic oil, rust, grime, carbon and material gassing (gassed plastic). Ultrasonic technology can accurately remove aluminum shavings from small crevices, and aluminum dust that gets "ponded" into the mold and is difficult to scrub out by hand. Clogged mold vents that allow gas to escape during the gas-off process also can be cleaned more thoroughly. The OMG4430 features a dual-cartridge filtration system that traps con- taminant particles after they have been removed from the cleaned parts. Filtering the cleaning fluid reduces the frequency with which the tank must be drained and the fluid replaced and reheated. Omegasonics / 805-583-0875 /

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