Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2016

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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P R O D U C T S 20 Mold Maintenance & Repair Disposable Cleaning Towels Cut Through Industrial Residue Slide Products' Mold & Metal Wipes disposable industrial-strength cleaning towels are formulated to quickly remove tough contaminants, res- idue and grime from molds and other surfaces. Available in a tub dispenser or small, single-wipe packets, they can be placed at strategic locations in a shop to help maximize productivity, and promote a cleaner, safer work environment, the company says. Saturated with a powerful cleaning agent but no hazardous air pollutants, the wipes remove mold releases, grease, oil, silicone, polishing compounds and more from almost any surface. Surfaces dry quickly after wiping. Slide Products Inc. / 847-541-7220 / Laser Welder Designed for In-House Mold Repair The Orion LZR Combo 200 laser welder from Sunstone was developed specifically for rapid and economical repair of molds and dies as large as 40" × 40" directly in a shop. The laser is supported by a mechanical arm that allows the head to move weightlessly. The operator can position the laser beam manually and easily guide it along the edges being repaired. Power is adjustable to 200 joules so that 1-mm filler wire can be used. It can also be adjusted to as low as 0.1 joules for finishing very small zones on very large dies. Features include a color touchscreen display, 100 programmable memories, Leica 10× stereomicroscope, in- tegrated cooling system, integrated joystick, arm extendable to 45", self-supporting manual movement, double laser resonator and cold-white LED-light illumination. Sunstone Welders / 801-658-0015 / Mold Separators Handle Range of Sizes Die-Sep Mini mold separators are available in a number of configurations for small molds ranging from 6" × 6" × 6" to 24" × 24" × 30" and weighing as much as 3,000 lbs. The company also is building its first "Intermediate" model, which will be able to separate molds as wide as 36" and weighing as much as 4,000 lbs. Any of the Mini separators can be built with features for just splitting molds, tipping one or both halves, or even hydraulically pulling and set- ting cores. The units function much the same as the larger Die-Seps in that electromagnets are embedded in the platens. When a mold is sandwiched between those platens and the magnets are engaged, it is effectively "mounted," and the hydraulically activated platens can then easily separate the mold. The Mini and Intermediate models can be built with one or both platens capable of tipping mold halves into a horizontal position. The abil- ity to position the parting line vertically or horizontally gives the toolroom technician the option of pulling plates or changing inserts with the mold oriented as to his or her choosing. It also eases other tasks such as cleaning, pulling plates and opening a mold for viewing. The entire cycle of opening, tipping up both halves, tipping down the halves and closing the mold can be accomplished in less than two minutes, the company says. Die Sep / 262-767-9751 /

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