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OCT 2016

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2016 19 Technicians can also test the ground for the cable by attaching its controller end to the CableXChecker and using the probe to touch the ground strip on the connector. Once contact is made, the green LED next to the dial will illuminate, signaling a ground. For More Information: DME Industrial Supplies/Milacron / 800-626-6653 / Clack Corp. / 608-846-3010 / ensure connectivity in all zones and identify pushed-in pins, damaged pin crimps and un- seated sockets. "This is done by using the same connectors your controller and mold use," he says. He says the device greatly reduces the possibility of human error, because it so simple to operate. The technician connects cables, one at a time, to each side of the CableXChecker, then he turns the dial through each zone, as corresponding lights confirm each circuit. If at any point an LED fails to light up, a short has occurred in that zone. If multiple LEDs illumi- nate, a short between those wires/zones has occurred. If an LED for a different zone lights up, the cable was wired incorrectly. Easing the Process of Elimination McCutchen says the tool ideally should be used to check cables before they are installed on the mold in order to prevent production downtime. "The CableXChecker provides one step to quickly test the cables, then you can move onto the mold. It also allows you to test and verify your cables before setting up the process," Ash confirms. "Or, if you suspect a bad cable and you go to get a spare, you can check the spare before you put it on. If we had a problem with a zone prior to having the CableXChecker, we had to get another cable and try it first without knowing if that cable was good." At the end of the day, Ash says use of the device cuts downtime dramatically "by the sim- ple fact that it relieves one of the steps of the elimination process." He also confirms that the device is simple to use, which means any one of the mechanics in his shop can use it effectively. "I no longer need the most skilled electrician in the shop checking cables," he says. Watch the video on our website! 888.288.5396 | Mold and Die Repair • An alternative to expensive laser welding • Easy to Use: pre-programmed for most tool & die repairs • Mobile: take the U4 welder right on the press site • Magnetic Base attaches directly to mold Keep mold repair in-house Item# 830-0944 THE U4 PUK POWER

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