Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2015

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2015 19 For More Information: GHSP / 1-616-842-5500 / O.R. Laser / 1-847-593-5711 / before wear starts affecting the part. One com- mon example involves angled vertical shutoff surfaces that are prone to slide against one another. "It's not the same as a fat tool where the tonnage of the press holds the parting lines together," Goodrich says. "The more you cycle the mold, the more likely those surfaces are to give a little, and you'll eventually get fash." With capability in-house to fll even the slight- est imperfections in the steel, the team can use routine maintenance as an opportunity to give these molds the extra care they need. Driving Lean Culture Christmas and Goodrich say it's hard to imagine operating without the laser welder these days. Every day brings more work for the mobile, fexible unit, which has become so critical that the team often makes a point to single out laser welding capability to visiting customers. That's easy to do, thanks to a charge-coupled (CCD) camera hookup and fat-screen monitor that provide onlookers with a frst-person, "through- the-scope" perspective. The camera isn't just for show. It's also a useful teaching tool. That goes not just for a young ap- prentice still learning the basics, but also Goodrich and the toolroom's two other capable welders, who can more easily share techniques. Given the impact of laser welding on GHSP's broader lean efforts, the cost of the camera and screen was certainly a small price to pay for supporting an investment that's already been returned many times over. "The amount of time we've saved with this system is just crazy," Christmas says. Slide Resin Remover Remove gas deposits and unclog vents. Get more cycles before tear down. Get your free trial sample at great solutions under pressure

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