Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2015

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2015 1 2 From the Editors Making Maintenance and Repair Work The right technology, the right people and the right approach are essential to improving the way you maintain and repair molds. FEATURES 4 The Hidden Value of a Spotting Press As mold complexity increases, so, too, does the complexity of maintenance, which advances the role of spotting in mold validation. 6 Get the Wear Out An effective way to extend mold life and ease mold warranties is to better manage mold cleaning techniques. 10 Eliminate Unexpected Production Delays Basic rules for getting optimal results from an ultrasonic cleaning system. 12 Making Wear Predictable With thorough documentation and an investigative mindset, preventive maintenance becomes an uptime-boosting feedback loop of continuous improvement. 16 Case Study: Laser-Focused on Lean This toolroom made signifcant strides in reducing waste and improving workfow with the addition of just one piece of equipment: a mobile, fexible laser welding system. 20 Products PUBLISHERS Richard G. Kline, Jr. Ryan Delahanty EDITORS Christina Fuges James J. Callari Matthew Danford El McKenzie Matthew H. Naitove ADVERTISING MANAGER Becky Helton ART DIRECTOR Carla Turner About the cover: Cover image courtesy of Millutensil. As mold complexity increases, so does the process for checking and maintaining molds, which in turn increases the importance of a spotting press for mold validation. Using a high-precision spotting press offers today's shop owner safety, ergonomics, productivity, accuracy and ease of use during mold maintenance and validation. See related story on page 4. C O N T E N T S O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 12 16 Images above courtesy of Janler Corp. and GHSP.

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