Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2015

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2015 15 stick to schedule and repeat the same activi- ties for every PM. In one case, a customer that conducts its own PM placed an order for a sister tool to a large, 96-cavity mold that had been running well for year. After building and qualifying the new, identical mold, the Janler team got word that the customer was suddenly experiencing venting problems with the frst. As it turned out, all vents were within specifcation, but, as he says is often the case, they were on the conservative side. Janler and the custom- er together decided to widen and deepen the venting—a remedy that, unfortunately, would also be required for the newly built sister tool, and at signifcant cost. With an investigative ap- proach like Janler's, Klingler says he is confdent that this decision could have been made long before the building of the second tool. Helping customers avoid such scenarios has become a signifcant competitive edge in the days since Janler shed its own production mold- ing operation, Klingler says. That's why carrying on the legacy of thorough maintenance is such a mission-critical endeavor. Yet, the company isn't just instilling that legacy in its own appren- tices. It's also willing to teach OEMs and mold- ers, even if helping customers set up their own programs means forgoing an opportunity to proft directly (and more handsomely) from performing maintenance at its own facility. And if those customers don't have the same broad, deep tooling skillsets as Janler's steel-reading veterans, Klingler says he is confdent that an investigative approach and thorough docu- mentation can set them on a similar path as the company's current crop of apprentices. This willingness to share expertise is the product of long-term strategic focus on the part of Klingler and the rest of the company's leadership: his sister, company President Carol Klingler Ebel, and brother, Vice President Alan Klingler. Beyond beneftting from the repeat business that often comes with lasting cus- tomer relationships, they all understand that moldmakers aren't the only ones facing a skills shortage. They also understand how lack of knowledge can lead OEMs and molders to For More Information: Janler Corp. / 773-774-2420 / overemphasize price in purchasing decisions. After all, it's diffcult to appreciate the value of a well-built tool without knowing how to keep one running. Finally, experience on the other side of the proverbial fence has led them to un- derstand how this type of thinking can end up hurting not just moldmakers, but their custom- ers, too—at least in the long run. That's where a philanthropic element enters the Klinglers' thinking—a drive to operate in the same spirit as their father, founder Josef F. Klingler, who believed that a robust, competi- tive industry is good for all. "Our father and our uncles helped plant seeds that were nothing but prosperous for us, and we want to pay that forward," Chuck Klingler says. B a l e s U S A . c o m We F i n i s h W h a t O t h e r s S t a r t . Micro TIG Welding Passivation Masking And More… Diamond Polishing VALUE-ADDED FINISHES COATINGS NIBORE™ NICKLON™ DIAMOND EN™ Electroless Nickel Diamond Chrome Hard Chrome NEW! Glass Bead Blasting Aluminum Oxide Blasting TEXAS: 956.412.8388 Texas ILLINOIS: 630.852.4665

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