Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2014

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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F E AT U R E 8 Mold Maintenance & Repair In-Machine Mold Cleaning Using dry ice micro-particles can increase productivity, lower costs and extend mold life. FIGURE 1: The image on the left shows a mold vent area that has been clogged by off-gassing. The image on the right shows a mold vent area that was cleaned using micro-particle dry ice. Images and figures courtesy of Cold Jet LLC. A micro-particle dry ice system can be used for in-machine mold cleaning. Cleaning mold cavities and vents, including those with complex, tight geometries, is crit- ical to producing quality products. However, molders often delay such cleaning because diffcult, ineffective methods cause extended downtime and mold wear. Imagine being able to clean your molds in the press more often, faster, more inexpensively and non-abrasively, as well as in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner. Dry ice micro-particles offer this alternative mold cleaning solution (see Figure 1). Cleaning with them also can help improve quality, increase productivity and extend mold life. Dry ice is the generic term for the solid phase of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). Using it in a VIDEO Access video at end of article. By Steve Wilson

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