Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2014

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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P R O D U C T S 24 Mold Maintenance & Repair HASCO America Inc., 270 Rutledge Road, Unit B Fletcher, NC 28732 USA, Toll Free 877-427-2662 The DLC coating is a metal-free, diamond-like carbon layer that is deposited by the PACVD. DLC coating option now a standard on ejectors, 2 Stage ejectors, Latch locks, guide pillars, guide blocks (side locks). – Can be run without grease – Reduces friction – Increases surface hardness – Increases wear resistance – Increase corrosion resistance HASCO DLC Coating Polishing Stones Cut Fast and Leave Smooth Finish Featuring medium hardness and fast breakdown, Golden Star polishing stones from Boride Engineered Abrasives are designed to offer quick ma- terial removal while contouring and leaving a smooth finish. The mold stones are made with premium aluminum oxide grain and a proprietary treatment process, and are suited to work on virtually all tool steels. They are said to perform exceptionally on EDM surfaces, and on milling and machining marks. They do not require a lengthy pre-lubrication process and can be used during hand stoning as well as with profilers. Boride Engineered Abrasives / Laser Welding Workstations Suited for Mold Repair The upgraded 7800 Series of open laser welding workstations from LaserStar Technologies are well-suited for a variety of common spot and seam welding applications, including plastic injection mold, die and tooling repair. Power levels ranging from 60 to 200 W are available. Many materials can be laser-welded, in- cluding 300 and some 400 series stainless steel, mild steels, nick- el and nickel alloys, aluminum and alumi- num alloys, titanium, precious metal alloys (gold, silver and plati- num), and more. LaserStar Technologies / 800.243.4466 | For more info call or visit website Item # 830-0941 Precision Welding with The PUK U4 Developed for Mold and Die Repair • An alternative to expensive laser welding • Easy to Use: pre-programmed for most tool & die repairs • Mobile: take the U4 welder right on the press site • Magnetic Base attaches directly to mold

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