Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2014

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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October 2014 23 Ultrasonic Systems Safely Clean Larger Molds Designed specifically for larger injection molds and tooling, Blue Wave Ultrasonics' mold utility cleaning systems create a powerful, micro- scopic scrubbing action to effectively remove outgassing residues, release agents and grime with user-friendly detergents instead of abrasives that can damage critical molding surfaces. Even intricate, hard-to-reach areas such as details, ejector pin holes and vents can be cleaned. The ultrasonic systems are designed to accommodate the displace- ment that large tools create while also removing oils and greases from the cleaning solution, extending detergent life. The company also offers smaller-sized systems that are well-suited for cleaning compo- nents such as cavities and cores. Blue Wave Ultrasonics Inc. / Maintenance Tracking Software Updated The newest release of ToolingDocs' MoldTrax software for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies offers several features designed to make it faster and stronger. MoldTrax 6 (MT6) includes an inventory monitoring feature that enables users to quickly see how many parts are left in stock. A "Main- tenance Alert" report shows users what preventive maintenance (PM) is coming due, overdue or acceptable on molds currently in produc- tion. FastTrax reports on inventory tracking and maintenance alerts also have been added. In addition, a "Hot Runner Specs" tab has been added to the TechTips section for quicker access to manifold mainte- nance and repair instructions, images and specifications. A "Performance Dashboard" is now available from the software's main screen that shows the current ratio of scheduled vs. unscheduled mold stops, as well as the number of molds currently in production and their PM status (based on cycles run). All screens have been enlarged, and many fields include zoom windows with rich (customizable) text. A free demonstration system of MoldTrax 6 can be download from or ToolingDocs / Do your aerosols contain known human carcinogens? Trichloroethylene? Perchloroethylene? Slide has ZERO chlorinated solvents. NONE. It's easy to make the switch. Contact Slide or a local Slide distributor for advice and free trial samples. Protect Your Company Protect Your Employees 1-800-323-6433 ©2014 Slide Products Inc.

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