Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2014

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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P R O D U C T S 22 Mold Maintenance & Repair The latest star in BORIDE's polishing stone lineup Introducing The Golden Star QUALIT Y. INNOVATION. SERVICE. WWW.BORIDEABRASIVES.COM INFO@BORIDEABRASIVES.COM 1.231.929.2121 x 139 OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS IS SET IN STONE OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS IS SET IN STONE COMPETITIVE PRICING SHORT LEAD TIMES GREAT SERVICE Proudly Made in the USA Scan the code below or visit Enter code MMTAD Receive FREE SAMPLES of BORIDE's Golden Star EDM Stone, AM-2 General Purpose Stone and Ceramic Super Stone! Systems Check Molds for Water Leaks Die-Sep offers systems designed to test molds for water leaks directly in the toolroom. Available in either portable or mountable models, the water leak testers can be used to test individual circuits through hoses connected by disconnect fittings or entire molds through the mold's water manifold. The mountable version can be mounted on a workbench, wall or Die-Sep mold separator, and can be supplied with either piped-in plant water or from a stand-alone tank. The por- table model is self-contained on heavy-duty swivel casters and features its own 26-gallon water tank and a 45-psi pump capable of pumping 3 gpm. Fork truck channels also make it easy to move the unit around the plant. For either model, the plant's air supply can be used to pressurize the system up to 125 psi. Displays feature a pressure gauge, flow indi- cator and digital flow meter. Die Sep / Inert-Atmosphere Box Furnace Designed for Preheating Molds Grieve's No. 863 is an electrically-heated box furnace used for pre- heating molds. Capable of operating temperatures as high as 1 ,400°F (~760°C), the oven features 52 kW installed in nickel-chrome wire coils supported by a stainless steel frame. A heat-resisting alloy recirculating blower is powered by a 7 1/2-hp motor with a V-belt drive. This blower provides upward airflow to the oven. Workspace dimensions are 30" × 48" × 30". The oven also features 7"-thick insulated walls with stainless steel covers. It was specially built with inert atmosphere construction, which consists of a continuously welded outer shell, high-tempera- ture door gasket, sealed heater terminal boxes, and inert-atmosphere inlet outlet. An inert-atmosphere flow meter also is included. Onboard controls include a motor-operated vertical lift door and a four-point strip chart recorder. Grieve Corp. /

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