Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2013

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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Images courtesy of ToolingDocs. proper maintenance system is costing a company, it hasn't been calculable. Most companies have turned over a lot of rocks to look for savings within their companies, but when it comes to mold maintenance, it's this huge unknown. Most record keeping is either handwritten or electronic journal entries, where putting a cost on metrics such as defects, corrective actions and unscheduled stops is difcult. To answer this challenge, a unique calculator was developed that enables companies to benchmark what it costs them and, as a result, justify the need to improve their systems. Making real advances towards a proactive culture requires the ability to show issues and solutions as dollars and cents; otherwise, most arguments for improvement fall on deaf ears. glenn Keith, Machine shop Manager for Whirley-drinkWorks (Warren, Pa.) says, "Mold maintenance is often seen as a necessary evil. The fnance people may only see the bills from spare parts, labor and overtime, but together we haven't been able to articulate cost justifcations of additional equipment, manpower and training. despite being as close to it as i am in this company, i'd be hard pressed to put detailed numbers on the actual cost of not having proper systems in place so that i could then put in a request for more resources." by flling out the calculator with actual data from one's plant, one couldn't dispute the conclusions. randy Winton, Toolingdocs' (Ashland, ohio) global Assessment Manager, has gone through the questions addressed in the calculator with customers who are plant and tooling managers. "no one who has input their data in the calculator has disputed the dollar amounts that have resulted," he says. "in fact, they've expressed great interest in the calculations—some of which have exceeded a million dollars annually in costs that, having now been identifed, can be targeted for reduction. it's a very useful tool A unique Unscheduled Mold Pull Calculator that takes critical data about a company's mold pulls and instantly computes what those unscheduled mold pulls are costing on an annual basis. that lets a molder understand the broader scope of how much unscheduled mold stops are costing them annually." once a number is known, where does one go from there? is it an overwhelming endeavor to bring that number down? With the overall opportunity that a molder can now calculate, what is the best way to attack the issues? look for low-lying fruit. start tracking unscheduled mold stops, and develop a plan from there. "The frst thing we did was get some training, and being a toolroom manager i wanted to hear a fresh perspective on a documentation system, optimized shop foor layouts, and what we might be able to do as a kind of quick kill and not be left with some huge initiative that might be daunting to execute," states chris gedwed, who is general Manager of operations at cosmetic specialties international (oxnard, calif.). He continues: "We coupled our MrP system with using a maintenance tracking system for logging in our mold data. That allowed us at any given moment to identify the top October 2013 5

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