Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2013

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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PRODUCTS Mold Cleaner without TriChlor Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 from Slide Products is powerful and evaporates fast. It has no chlorinated solvents, including no TriChlor. It provides a convenient method for removal of silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold and die surfaces. Ideal for cold molds, it leaves no residue, so it cleans without wiping. It is non-conductive and non-abrasive. It is available in convenient aerosol and bulk formulations. Visit the website for a free trial sample. New Grades of Ultra Purge Moulds Plus International has developed new specific grades of Ultra Purge designed to purge clear PC and PMMA applications, which have evolved from the 5060 grade. The Ultra Purge PMMA (designed for Acrylic) and the Ultra Purge HT+ (designed for PC) are low residue grades that are effective for color changes, carbon removal and material changes. The benefit of Ultra Purge is that typically all contamination is eliminated within 4 shots after using the Ultra Purge grades designed for clear PC and Acrylic applications. Dry Ice Cleaning Cold JetÕs patented i3MicroClean dry ice technology is designed to clean into tight mold geometries and vents with shaved dry ice particles, it offers paramount performance from the most delicate clean to deburring and deflashing plastic parts, according to the company. It uses industry standard 14# quarter-block dry ice to clean mold surfaces without damage or creating secondary waste. The i3 allows for lower air consumption (12-50 cfm at 80psi), better dry ice usage efficiency (0-1.2 lbs/min), meetÕs global noise decibel requirements, and is automation capable. MICROWELDER LEARN MORE AT MOLDMENDER.COM EASY-TO-USE SOLUTION FOR: MOLD & DIE REPAIR • Parting Lines • Corners / Edges • Scratches / Dents • Portable "Effective in repairing areas where tig welding would have destroyed edges and surfaces" "Saved us thousands in labor and materials" PERMANENTLY REPAIR FERROUS METALS WITH METALLIC RIBBON, WIRE, PASTE OR POWDER. MADE IN USA SINCE 1934 CONTACT ROCKLIN TODAY! 800-255-6046 ROCKLINMANUFACTURINGCO.COM 24 Mold Maintenance & Repair

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