Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2013

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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Micro Welder The MOLDMENDER Micro Welder repairs plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die casting molds/dies made of steel. Applications are parting lines, corners/edges, pin holes/scratches and machining errors. Repairs are accomplished by producing interlinking spot welds to totally bond metallic ribbon, wire, paste or powder to the desired area of the workpiece. The equipment quickly repairs molds and dies using the same or similar materials as the workpiece. Surface finishing may be done by EDM'ing, grinding, machining, plating and polishing to obtain the desired sharp edges or other contours. Mold Stones and Polishing Equipment Made from select premium aluminum oxide grain and a proprietary treatment process, Golden Star mold stone from BORIDE Engineered Abrasives is of medium hardness with a fast breakdown offering quick material removal while contouring quickly and leaving a smooth finish. BORIDE also introduces two additions to its polishing equipment line— the Grande BLH 600 Microgrinder and the U-Lap 30 Profiler. WE ARE THE FASTEST GROWING PURGING COMPOUND ON THE MARKET SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY MANY COMPANIES LIKE YOURS SWITCH TO ULTRA PURGE. Ultra Purge uses a new technology to purge color, carbon and resin which results in less downtime and scrap. Companies typically use 2-3 times less Ultra Purge compared to conventional purging compounds. Contact us for a consultation and see how Ultra Purge can increase your profits. REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE 877.884.3129 • WWW.ULTRAPURGE.COM LASER WELDING WIRE .08mm to .75mm (.003") to (.030") • We are the leading manufacturer of laser welding wires to repair moulds in the United States and are also exporting to many countries world wide • Starting with certifed chemistries • Processing them to result in clean wires • Packaging them to maintain top quality Our Customers Come to us Because of our Prices and They Stay With us Because of our Quality and Service. Dytron Corporation Micro Welding Products Division email: Engineered Coatings and Finishes – Since 1978 – u Diamond Chrome u Chrome Hard u Nibore® u Passivation u Micro T.I.G. Welding u Blasting u Pocket S.P.I. Finish Guide u Nicklon u Electroless Nickel u X-Ray Certifcations u Diamond Polishing uick up & delivery P available ® ISO Certifed / Woman Owned Business (800) 215-6653 u October 2013 23

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