Mold Maintenance & Repair

OCT 2013

Mold Maintenance & Repair

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F e at U R e condition of parting-line safety straps. very often, some shops (you may insert here: "lowcost overseas") do not design-in eye bolts or include P/l safety straps. When required, we will add or modify these features. The next step is to identify and tag all components, bases, and plates that are accessible prior to opening and disassembly. once the frst phase of component identifcation is complete, the mold is taken apart and the internal components (slides, core and cavity blocks, ejector pins, core pins, etc.) are tagged and evaluated. observations on general condition, construction techniques, and specifc wear areas are noted and addressed as required and then the appropriate cleaning steps are taken. The PM toolmaker will remove as much grease from the mold components as possible using traditional methods (cloth of appropriate material, standard degreaser, and MGS PM toolmaker Marcus Keidl lowers four mold components into the ultrasonic cleaning bath. Ultrasonic is more effective and time-efficient than traditional cleaning methods. Photos courtesy of MGS Mfg Group. warmly and made to feel relaxed and at ease. depending on its size, it is split into its A and b halves and elevated to an appropriate table or work platform. This will allow the toolmaker the appropriate access and facilitates the ability to work comprehensively and, most importantly, safely. As stated earlier, we are considering an existing production mold for our examples. in that case, each of the individual mold components has already been identifed and labeled, ensuring the ability of the toolmaker to maintain organization during the cleaning process through reassembly. in the case of a 64-cavity mold or a mold with multiple cavities and multiple actions, readily discernable component identifcation is especially critical. in the event we are performing the initial pre-launch PM on a transfer mold (a mold not built by Mgs and never run in our facility), the PM toolmaker determines the existence and location of eye bolts and the existence and 12 Mold Maintenance & Repair

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